Working at ErfGoed

Working at ErfGoed means working for the market leader in cultivation floors. Thanks to ongoing growth there are often vacancies for staff of all levels of training both in the Netherlands and abroad, both for those beginning their careers and for those with more experience.


As a supervisor you’ll provide leadership to our projects. You’ll supervise a number of projects that are operating simultaneously. You’ll manage project staff and, together with them, ensure that the projects are realized in accordance with the applicable conditions. These projects are realized in various parts of the world. Your role will be that of a manager who takes the lead and who isn’t afraid to roll up his/her sleeves.

You’ve proven in practice that you’re able to lead projects in a professional manner. You have good communication skills, including in the English language. You’re able to motivate people and you aim for a high level of quality. You have an affinity with technical installations and you’re a real entrepreneur who is able to manage the organization of projects well. If you have experience with tillage machines and tractors, then you’ll certainly feel the benefits of this. Your goal is, together with your people and machines, to provide the customer with a perfect cultivation floor.

Project leaders

As project leader, you’ll provide leadership in the realization of our projects. You’ll ensure that your projects are realized in accordance with the applicable conditions. You’ll give leadership to project staff and are not afraid to get your hands dirty too. Experience with tilling machines and tractor work will be a clear advantage in this post.

We trust that you have sufficient leadership capacities and that you have an affinity with technology. Knowledge of the English language is important, since you’ll often be working abroad. You’re good at motivating people. You’re focused on results and you’re only satisfied when the customer is.

Tractor driver/mechanic

As tractor driver/mechanic, you’ll make an important contribution to the realization of our projects. You’ll make use of our modern machines and tools. Together with your colleagues, you’ll ensure that the perfect final result is delivered: a cultivation floor that we and our customers can be proud of.

Your work will consist of a combination of working with machines and installation work. With your enthusiasm and affinity for technology, you’ll have a fantastic role in the project team. You’ll work on projects in the Netherlands and abroad. If you have experience with tractors, then you’ll certainly feel the benefits of this.


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