How do I ensure sufficient water buffering against extreme rainfall?


How do I ensure sufficient water buffering against extreme rainfall?

13 November 2015

I recently visited a trade fair overseas. During my visit, the skies began to grow darker and darker. It was clear that a change in the weather was imminent. Just before I walked back to the car, an enormous storm broke loose. Within a few minutes the ground was wet literally everywhere and people were up to their ankles in water.

Climate change

More and more extreme weather affects us right here in the Netherlands. That’s a direct consequence of climate change. And, if we are to believe the experts, this will only increase in the future.

Sudden rainfall

For many tree growers – who often have a large proportion of their crop outdoors – this leads to considerable challenges. How should you deal with sudden rainfall? Can you get rid of this water quickly? It doesn’t bear thinking about that your plants could be submerged up to their ankles in water for any length of time!

Buffering capacity

During the installation of an ErfGoedFloor at Buitenhuis Tree Growers in Boskoop last year, we were faced with a sudden downpour. Within a short period of time 100 mm of rain fell! Although there was as yet no crop on the installed part, this demonstrated one again the huge buffering capacity of such a cultivation floor. Within no time the water had disappeared.

Your crop

For (tree) growers with their crop (or a part thereof) outside, excessive rainfall and water buffering are important issues. Is your crop able to handle so much water in such a short period of time? And what will happen to your crop if the roots remain under water too long?

No damage

Such questions can be answered by the ErfGoedFloor. Depending on the thickness of the porous layer under the ground sheet, enormous quantities of water can be collected in a short period of time without damage resulting to your crop.

Hugo Paans
Director / Owner