How can I make the climate in my glasshouse drier?

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How can I make the climate in my glasshouse drier?

19 February 2016

A clammy climate

Not so long ago we were battling damp at home. The windows always seemed to be completely misted. You could even see the water dripping from time to time. We wondered whether there was anything wrong; after all, it’s not really a healthy situation. Before you know it, you’ve got mold in your home. And having to open the windows each time, only to have to close them again and heat the whole house isn’t really that appealing.

Fortunately we soon managed to locate the cause. When we looked at the situation it appeared that there was a lot of water collecting under the house. That’s not really something you want. You aim to get rid of it as soon as possible. The solution was drainage. Since then, our house has regained its pleasant, healthy ambience.

Heating with the windows open

A similar situation can frequently occur in a glasshouse. I regularly hear growers talking about the climate being too damp. Just think of the problems and hazards. The only remedy that they can think of is opening the windows and turning up the heating to get things dry again. Which is, in fact, a great waste of energy, not to mention the expense.

Potential risk

What I find most surprising is that we don’t seem to be able to care less about the root cause. If we knew what the cause was, we’d be able to find a solution, after all! For many plants an excessively damp and clammy climate is definitely not healthy! If that were not the case, we wouldn’t use up so much expensive energy to get the place dry again. The potential loss of crop is too great for that.

Growers’ responses

Personally, I find constantly searching for solutions that can really dispel this sort of problem something of a challenge. That’s what motivates me. And I get a real kick when a plan comes together and I see growers going about their business with both pleasure and increased output. “This cultivation floor is bone dry within half an hour of watering!” or “This cultivation floor allows you to manage the climatic circumstances in the pot perfectly.” Responses from growers who have had their initial experiences with the perfect irrigation of the ErfGoedFloor. That’s nice, isn’t it?

This is our way of making growing predictable.

Hugo Paans
Director / Owner