The Trolley Track

A practical and multifunctional transport system for use on the ErfGoedFloor

The Trolley Track, an in-house development by ErfGoed, is a flexible rail system for use on the cultivation floor. It can handle a variety of trolley types and can be deployed anywhere in the greenhouse. The special trolley bridge – a small truck ramp that bridges the level difference between the cultivation floor and the concrete path – ensures that the trolley moves effortlessly from the cultivation floor to the path.

All selling points at a glance

  • In many crops, the Trolley Track is easily integrated into the cultivation surface without losing any production area.
  • The holes in the rails make sure that ponding in the rails is avoided.
  • The Trolley Track abstracts no moisture, so unlike in other systems, the climate around the track is not drier.
  • The track is incorporated in the crop; CC trolleys and other types of trolleys can easily access the entire cultivation floor.
  • The rails are wide enough to turn the trolley wheels, so the trolley can move smoothly back and forth.
  • Because of the relatively low rail edges, the track area can easily be cleaned with a power sweeper.
  • The Trolley Track can stand the heat, solar radiation does not have any adverse influence.
  • The specially designed trolley bridge ensures that trolleys can move smoothly from the ErfGoedFloor to the main path.
  • The rails can be fixed, but can also be laid loose.
  • Installing the rails is very easy.
  • The system is also suitable as means of transport for equipment such as pruning trolley, spraying equipment, etc.
  • The system ensures firmness and ballast for outdoor cultivation.