Growers across the whole world experience the pleasure of working every day on their ErfGoedFloor. They’d love to share their experiences with you. Read about their experiences with the ErfGoedFloor here.

  • Guillaume Salembien

    Guillaume Salembien

    Arc'At Plants, France

    Vegetable growers choose ErfGoedFloor

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  • Bellard Crochet

    Bellard Crochet

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  • Géoflor


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  • Dan Foster

    Dan Foster

    Four Star Greenhouse, Carleton USA

    "They kept the time schedule, although the weather was not always in our favor."

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  • Julissa VanderKnijf

    Julissa VanderKnijf

    DeVry Greenhouses

    “The water distributes evenly, we have a lot less water waste and it’s much better for the plants.”

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  • Aron Hoff

    Aron Hoff

    Meyers Farms, Niagara on the Lake, Ontario

    "Our crops are thriving, robust and uniform. And there is hardly any plant loss."

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  • Sjef van den Berg

    Sjef van den Berg

    Timbereno Flowers, Beamsville

    "I wanted a cultivation floor, so it's natural to choose a company that has lots of experience and expertise in that area."

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  • Gerard Schouwenaar

    Gerard Schouwenaar

    Orchard Park, St. Catharines, Ontario

    "The crop quality that this floor yields is very good – we had a great first year growing with this system."

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  • Dave Van Belle

    Dave Van Belle

    Van Belle Nursery, Abbotsford

    "In summer, the crop stays cooler. And we also see much more uniformity."

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  • Stan Vander Waal and Rob O’Hara

    Stan Vander Waal and Rob O’Hara

    Rainbow Greenhouse

    “This system is the best cultivation system currently on the market.”

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  • Xavier Froger

    Xavier Froger

    Xavier Froger pot plant nursery, France

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  • Luc Guilemain

    Luc Guilemain

    Luc Guilemain pot plant nursery, France

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  • Howard Braim

    Howard Braim

    Double H, England

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  • Peter Hill

    Peter Hill

    Hill Brothers Ltd, England

    "We have no root problems at all on this floor, while we need do nothing to keep the water clean."

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  • Henri Buitenhuis

    Henri Buitenhuis

    Buitenhuis Tree Growers, Holland

    "A lava floor is a living floor, in contrast to concrete. Lava offers both moisture buffering and heat buffering."

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  • Marco Rijstenbil

    Marco Rijstenbil

    Rijk Zwaan, Holland

    "It’s a pleasant company to work with. Communication is good and they work neatly and according to the agreed plans."

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  • Dirk Decru

    Dirk Decru

    Decru-Leroy Growers, Belgium

    "This makes it much easier to have them ready for the market. Everything goes much faster. What’s more, this system allows better control of the relative humi [...]

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