BLOG: Time to step back for a moment

BLOG: Time to step back for a moment

BLOG: Time to step back for a moment

20 August 2019

I hear more and more people talking about how tired they are before they go on holiday. Does that go for you, too? On the one hand, you can really look forward to your holiday. On the other hand, you can almost end up dreading it because you know you’ll be so busy before and after.

There’s no doubt it’s wonderful to get away from it all. Away from all the hustle and bustle, and obligations. Alone or with your partner, your children: to have time for each other for a few weeks.

‘But as far the weeks before you leave…,’ is what you hear many people sighing. ‘You’re so busy getting everything ready and making the right arrangements that you need a holiday just to recover. And when you get back after a few weeks of rest, there’s so much work waiting that you need another holiday within no time.’

As managers and entrepreneurs, it’s difficult for us to really shut the door on our company. Will everything be okay if I’m away for a few weeks? Have I arranged everything properly? Is there anything I’ve forgotten? It’s difficult to turn off the switch. After all, it’s your responsibility, and your business.

Even so, it’s important to step back for a while from time to time. After all, holidays are also a time to reflect. To think quietly about life and your own role. ‘Time flies,’ is something I hear more and more often. And it does. For me personally, this is an opportunity to take more time for my family. After all, there’s more to life than just work.

It’s important to have the right people around you at your company. People who share your vision and convictions. Who you can trust and who you can leave to run your business without any qualms. I feel blessed to have those people around me. People who work for our company every day with passion and dedication.

And, of course, the business operations must be right. That may mean you have to organise your crops differently. Because you don’t have to worry about things that sort themselves out. I often think about a French grower who discovered our cultivation system when he was sixty: ‘I should have known this a long time ago. I would advise young colleagues to think carefully about their investments and to consider the benefits of the ErfGoedFloor. You can grow your crops without any worries on this system. Nothing can really go wrong.’

I wish you a relaxed holiday!

Hugo Paans
algemeen directeur