• Vegetable growers choose ErfGoedFloor

    Vegetable growers choose ErfGoedFloor

    Guillaume Sallembien, the director of Arc’At Plants, is the first vegetable grower to install an ErfGoedFloor. ‘Watering comes from below. With spraying, it is difficult to water large crops such as cucumber plants. The leaves cover the roots. Watering from below sorts out that problem.’ Unlike a concrete floor, the ErfGoedFloor is flat and so

  • Tackling root causes


    Tackling root causes

    Do you know the feeling? There’s water everywhere but you haven’t got the time to find out what is really going on. So you just bail out the boat without fixing the leak. We call that ‘symptom management’. Cause Symptom management is not uncommon: people favour short-term solutions. Scientific research has shown that our minds

  • Grey is the new black

    erfgoed grijs doek

    Grey is the new black

    As I was having a chat in the car park last summer, I leaned on my wife’s car. Not a good idea: it’s unbelievable how hot a black car can get in the sun! You could have fried an egg on it. A while later, I got into a colleague’s car to go to an

  • Ter Laak Orchids: 2018 International Grower of the Year

    Grower of the Year

    Ter Laak Orchids: 2018 International Grower of the Year

    Ter Laak Orchids from Wateringen was named 2018 International Grower of the Year at the IPM in Essen and the company put the icing on the cake by winning the sustainability award as well. Ter Laak Orchids has had a Daylight Greenhouse for some years now. This unique concept makes the company is one of

  • Video Four Star

    Video Four Star

    Four Star Site Manager, Dan Foster, walks us through construction on Four Star’s new build and the installation of the innovative ErfGoed flood.  

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