Netherlands business invests in Lincoln

Netherlands business invests in Lincoln

5 October 2017

Lincoln, ON – (September 28, 2017) – Investments by business community continue in Lincoln with the most recent by ErfGoed, an international leader in the manufacture and installation of cultivation floors for greenhouses. ErfGoed is based in the Netherlands, with Lincoln being their first land acquisition in North America.

The relationship with ErfGoed is a direct result of the Netherlands delegation by Lincoln’s Council and staff in fall of 2016. The delegation served to identify the role that agriculture can play in tourism, build relationships with foreign-based business, develop better understanding of new or innovative technologies, the difference the horticulture sector can make in a community – what is each of their role, and enhanced and expanded government relations.

ErfGoed is a key supplier to many Lincoln and Niagara-based greenhouses. With direct land acquisition, ErfGoed will continue to grow and expand its business in Lincoln.

In 2014, Council identified economic development as a priority. Lincoln has one of the most diversified economies in Niagara. Council has seen the importance of ensuring the long-term sustainability of any community falls with its focus on ensuring that its community is varied in terms of opportunity and is also a complete community – one where people can live, work, play and grow.


“ErfGoed’s decision to invest in Lincoln sends a clear message that our community has a lot to offer. Our priority is to grow and diversify our economy, and this investment solidifies the importance of building international relationships that promote our community as investment ready.”

Mayor Sandra Easton


“We are thrilled that ErfGoed has chosen Lincoln as their first location in North America. We understand that to create economic growth in our community we need to create a business climate that is open, competitive and growing; Erfgoed’s investment proves that Lincoln is on the right track”

Michael Kirkopoulos, Chief Administrative Officer


“We’ve chosen Lincoln, a vibrant horticultural community, for our first North American facility, because of its strategic location within the Greenbelt. Quick and easy access to transportation networks and our customers throughout the Niagara Region, made Lincoln a natural home four our business. Town of Lincoln staff and Council were instrumental in helping us establish our operations in town.”

Hugo Paans, Owner and CEO, ErfGoed

Photo Front Row (L to R): Jim Bartkiw, Bartkiw Farms; Councillor Dave Thompson; Mayor Sandra Easton;Peter Vos, ErfGoed; Ton Akkerman, Dutch Embassy; Peter Van Beurdon, Westland Greenhouse; Arie Koole, Creekside

Photo Back Row: Arjan Van Dam, ErfGoed; Representatives from various Lincoln and Niagara greenhouses (Spring Valley – Jonathan Van Koeveringe, Orchard Park – Karl & Gerard Schouwenaar, Dutch Flower House – Jaap Van Stalduuinnen, Myers Farms – Aron Hof)

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