Grey is the new black

erfgoed grijs doek

Grey is the new black

26 January 2018

As I was having a chat in the car park last summer, I leaned on my wife’s car. Not a good idea: it’s unbelievable how hot a black car can get in the sun! You could have fried an egg on it. A while later, I got into a colleague’s car to go to an appointment. I put my hand on the roof. No problem. Guess what: his car is white.


We have often discussed the difference between black and white when thinking about the colour of our cultivation floors. Until now, we have mostly used black. We have experimented with a white cover for a few clients, and also with black and white woven fabric.

Cool floor

Is colour so important? It certainly is. Research has shown clearly that a cooler floor provides a better climate. That means stronger and more vigorous crops, which is why it is so important that you can cool our floor by filling it with water to just below the ground cover.

But ErfGoed wouldn’t be ErfGoed if we thought that was the end of the story. In the past year, we have been working on the development of an entirely unique ground cover. Grey turned out to be the perfect solution. It provides the right level of reflection, keeping the floor cooler even in strong sunlight.

Specially for ErfGoed customers

The ErfGoed Grey Cover has been produced exclusively for our customers. Obviously, that’s ideal. During development, we paid extra attention to the water permeability and the wear resistance of the fabric. So the functioning of the ErfGoedFloor and the sustainability of our cultivation floor are now even better. And, last but not least, the grey colour looks good and makes work even more enjoyable.

Know-how and experience

ErfGoed is celebrating its sixtieth anniversary this year. A lot has happened during that time. Developments have followed on from each other in rapid succession. At the start, we did the digging manually. These days, we have advanced machines and we install cultivation floors throughout the world. A constant factor has been the unremitting drive to make our products better. That has been in our DNA since the day our company was founded. We invest all the available know-how and experience in our unique cultivation floors. Our customers expect no less. A cultivation floor for the best result: that will be our goal again this year.

If you have ideas or you want to challenge us, please call or send me an email!

Hugo Paans

managing director