BLOG: Good stewardship

BLOG: Good stewardship

11 March 2019

We have another new phenomenon in Europe: youth for climate. These young people have been skipping school to demonstrate for climate action. In recent months, thousands of them went to Brussels and The Hague to demand more government action to combat global warming.

I am happy to leave to one side the question of whether students should play truant to demonstrate. There are many different views about that issue. But I do understand their concern about the climate and, above all, whether we, as adults, are taking this problem seriously!

Personally, I believe that everything is in God’s hands but that we also have an enormous responsibility to care for his creation. For centuries, there seemed to be no limits. Often because we entirely failed to see the consequences of our actions. By now, we know better and we are increasingly aware that the earth’s resources are not inexhaustible.

And more importantly that the earth is not ours at all but that everything we have, we have on loan. In other words, we are not the planet’s owners, we are its stewards. So we have to look after the earth as the Creator and Owner intended and keep the next generations in mind.

For ErfGoed, good stewardship means, among other things, that we are careful about how we use water and raw materials. We also take the environment into account when we install, and use materials for, the ErfGoedFloor. That means our cultivation floor is a sustainable choice, and many parts of the floor can be recycled. And there’s something I think is equally important: we don’t waste water with this floor, and agents and traces of fertiliser are kept out of the surface water. Not only is that good for a grower’s wallet, it’s also fantastic for the environment.

In the decades to come, we will face enormous climate challenges. But when I look at the innovative power of Dutch horticulture, I am convinced that we can work them out together. As good stewards and keeping both the present and the future in mind!

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Hugo Paans
managing director