ErfGoed develops fire-retardant ground cloth

ErfGoed develops fire-retardant ground cloth

22 January 2019

Fire prevention is an increasingly important theme in horticulture. Particularly now there have been a number of major incidents. Which is why ErfGoed is launching a new cloth on the market with excellent fire-retardant properties.

Director Hugo Paans explains that several approaches have been adopted to prevent the spread of fire in the past. ‘We compartmentalise the floor using tiles or aluminium strips. That works very well but, even with small fires, growers may be hit by things like soot damage. So we are now introducing another version of our quality ground cloth to the market.’

Hugo Paans points out that it’s not just a question of the damage resulting from the fire: growers need to safeguard the continuity of their crops. ‘Obviously, many growers have agreements with their clients. A fire can throw a spanner in the works because growers can’t deliver what they’ve promised. And the result can be a hole in profits.’

Hugo Paans: ‘Together with the characteristics of the existing ErfGoed Grey Cover, such as its high UV resistance and uniform water permeability, this new ground cloth makes operations even safer.’ The unique cloth, with the characteristic red thread woven into it, has been granted certification for the highest quality standard for fire safety.