Attend the ErfGoed Grow Academy online

Attend the ErfGoed Grow Academy online

Attend the ErfGoed Grow Academy online

8 September 2020

In collaboration with Delphy, ErfGoed is to provide online sessions about the optimal use of the cultivation floor. Earlier this year, the full course consisted of two days alternating between theory and practice.

Online approach
General director Hugo Paans of ErfGoed says that the company has decided to continue online for the time being for safety reasons. ‘Given the risk of infection with the coronavirus, we have opted for an online approach. That allows us to continue helping new and existing customers so they can make the most of the opportunities provided by the cultivation floor and maximise their crop yields.’

Course material in different levels
The idea is for participants to understand and apply the lessons as well as possible. To achieve that, it was decided to organise several short digital sessions lasting an hour and a half. The course material has also been split up into different levels, with each level consisting of two online sessions. Paans: ‘The sessions are given by two Delphy experts and the main focus is on fertilisation and watering at the basic level. A number of follow-up sessions deal with, among other things, the precise control of the microclimate and the best crop planning.’

Paans believes that growers will also find the academy useful because it provides them with access to a network of other cultivation floor users. ‘The course is in English. That means we have participants from throughout the world. Obviously, that makes the network much more interesting. Growers in other countries sometimes work in conditions very different from those you are used to. You can learn from them. In addition to the opportunity to ask each other questions about how to use the floor, you can also exchange growing experiences.’

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