BLOG: A new start and new opportunities!

BLOG: A new start and new opportunities!

BLOG: A new start and new opportunities!

9 March 2021

It’s been more than a year since our last real-life trade fair: HortiContact in Gorinchem! I miss the personal contact with growers and other suppliers, and so do my colleagues!

At the same time… We can keep on moaning and looking at the downside. But there’s another way of looking at this. There is a bright side. What do I mean? There really are still all sorts of opportunities! A year ago, how many people knew about the enormous benefits of Teams and Zoom? And they are now part of my everyday life. How many video calls have I had in the past twelve months? I’ve lost count…

And fortunately, even on a small scale, meetings in person are still possible. We recently completed an interesting trial involving growing chrysanthemums all year round on the ErfGoedFloor. It was our second trial and, once again, the results are promising. Small groups of growers came by to admire the crop. Their responses and feedback have helped us tremendously. Working together, we are moving towards a situation in which we will be able to grow chrysanthemums with no emissions.

Cultivation is an elite sport, a consultant from the sector explained recently to me. And that’s true. Only the best quality counts. We need each other to maintain that standard all the time. So: you are most welcome! We can still learn a lot together. Are you having problems with your crop and can’t you find the solution yet? Are you thinking about the future of your company and would you like to talk to a fellow entrepreneur In the sector? Please feel free to get in touch without any obligation. We can look for opportunities together. I – and my colleagues in the ErfGoed team – are there for you. We can make progress together, even in these times.

Best regards,
Hugo Paans