The ErfGoed valve for optimal irrigation

In an ebb and flow floor, water drainage is regulated by a valve. n most cases, the valve is electronically or pneumatically driven. There’s no problem with this as such, but in practice such control systems are often prone to faults.

At ErfGoed, we aim for maximum certainty and predictability. For our customers, one of the most critical business processes is IRRIGATION. This must take place without interruptions. Our goal is to minimize the risks as much as possible. That’s why ErfGoed has developed a new, mechanically-driven valve. This mechanical valve offers a number of interesting benefits:

  • Greater water capacity.
  • The pressure is fully adjustable.
  • The valve is very compact.
  • And what’s more, it’s extremely reliable.
  • This valve is the result of years of experience and research.

Together with the other unique components of the ErfGoedFloor, it ensures perfect operation of your cultivation floor with maximum reliability. This means easy and problem-free cultivation of a healthy and uniform crop.

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Hugo Paans