BLOG: Hobby horse re-emerges during corona crisis

BLOG: Hobby horse re-emerges during corona crisis

BLOG: Hobby horse re-emerges during corona crisis

28 April 2020

‘No clichés’ is an important rule for blogs. But it’s almost impossible to avoid them these days. The world seems to be standing still. From one moment to the next, we find ourselves in a new reality. One in which COVID-19 – known to us all as coronavirus – is gripping the Netherlands and the world in an iron grip. With far-reaching social and economic consequences. It is painful to see how companies working with ornamentals are having to dump as much as 90 percent of their crops. That touches me deeply. I know about the daily dedication and passion that growers put into their work.

Rapid change of course

Nobody was prepared for this. That includes us. And, of course, we at ErfGoed are also feeling the impact of all the measures. Many of our projects abroad have come to a temporary halt because we can’t enter those countries. We still have a well-filled order book but you have to be able to complete projects.

After a brief period of searching energetically for new bearings, the change of course at ErfGoed was both striking and encouraging. Two weeks after the intelligent lockdown began, everyone at the company had found their feet again.

Flexibility and agility

What lesson can we learn from this? As far as I’m concerned, the strength of a company depends on maximising flexibility and agility. That’s a hobby horse of mine but these difficult circumstances have confirmed me once again in that belief. The virus has shown us how vulnerable we are. That we can’t control everything in this world of ours. That, from one moment to the next, all our plans and dreams may be dashed to the ground. People who can switch quickly to different ways of thinking and acting are less likely to let their heads hang and they will have an eye for opportunities that are not all that obvious.

New benefits

I believe in God, who controls everything. And that gives me peace of mind. At the same time, we have to assume our responsibilities. I think it’s wonderful that ideas we used to consider impractical have now suddenly turned out to be workable. For example, we have found that our skills and our machines can be used to deliver excellent work in the civil engineering sector. And online meetings are actually very appealing. Our meetings are shorter and everybody doesn’t have to come to the office. It’s incredible how much time we save! In short: this new reality will also bring us benefits.

Working together

We will need each other more than ever in the coming months. To support our customers, we have set up a stall in front of our office where we sell plants. A different client can put up plants for sale here every week. It’s been wonderful to see all the positive feedback about that initiative.

I wish everyone all the very best in these turbulent times. Would you like to reply or share your own ideas?

Feel free to call or email me.

Hugo Paans
ErfGoed General Manager