Blog: ErfGoed and foreign rules and regulations

Blog: ErfGoed and foreign rules and regulations

Blog: ErfGoed and foreign rules and regulations

21 February 2020

ErfGoed was established sixty years ago, when we were still getting our feet dirty. And we’re still just as down to earth these days. So it feels quite special that we are increasingly being recognised as a cutting-edge, innovative company. For instance, we are involved in talks at national level on the CETA free-trade agreement between the EU and Canada.

This agreement, which removes barriers to trade, has been in force since 2017, but questions are now being asked about it in the Netherlands. At the end of 2019, together with the managing director of Evofenedex, Bart Jan Koopman, we submitted a petition for an amendment to the Lower House of the Dutch parliament. The bill was adopted this week. Now it is a question of waiting to see whether there is also a majority in favour in the Upper House. ErfGoed will do its utmost to convince politicians of the importance of this agreement.

ErfGoed’s aim is to give each and every grower the opportunity to grow healthy, uniform crops. That is something that can be achieved thanks to the ErfGoedFloor. In the Netherlands, in Canada and in other countries, too. Over the past few years, we have noticed that there is plenty demand from outside the Netherlands.

Negotiations with the authorities

Which is why we have delved into local markets and their rules and regulations. Many countries impose import regulations or other restrictive measures. In such cases, we negotiate with the authorities on how we can keep the growers’ costs as low as possible.

Which is not so strange, given that the Netherlands is a front-runner in the field of innovation in horticulture. We are proud of the fact that we can offer a high-quality solution to growers in other countries.

Thanks to the ErfGoedFloor, growers have a chance to reduce the size of their carbon footprint. After all, the floor utilises a system in which water is recycled, which means you use less. What about us? We think from the grower’s point of view on a range of issues. No matter whether the grower is from the Netherlands, Canada or Brazil.

Want to respond, or share your own ideas? Feel free to give me a call or drop me a line by e-mail.

Hugo Paans
managing director