Blog: Falling levels in water basins

Blog: Falling levels in water basins

2 August 2018

I have already written about the impact of climate change. My focus then was mainly on extreme rainfall and severe problems with excess water, and how you can use the ErfGoedVloer to deal with them. Here in Western Europe, we are suffering a long period of drought. But the impact of climate change can also be seen in other parts of the world. It is vital for growers to respond to developments like this early. ErfGoed is eager to be work with you.

Even though water shortages are mainly affecting agriculture, horticulture hasn’t escaped. Everything around our head offices in Moerkapelle is bone dry. In recent weeks, many growers have been concerned as they watch the levels in their water basins falling. Water economy is key at the moment. Because nobody knows how long this dry period will last.

For years now, we have been working with growers to devise solutions that make the most of the precious water that does fall. Obviously, we can’t switch on the rain. That depends on the Almighty. But we have to make sure we do collect any water that does fall.

Particularly now temperatures are rising, it is absolutely vital to cover the basin so that as little water as possible can evaporate. Another important way of saving water is to recirculate it. The ebb and flow system in the ErfGoedFloor cuts back the use of water and fertiliser considerably.

We believe in our systems and so ErfGoed now also installs ebb and flood floors outside. In addition to creating a huge buffer when there is heavy rainfall – and therefore collecting and storing as much water as possible in a controlled way – this system also ensures that you use as little water as possible during dry periods.

With these developments, we can achieve steady progress and make climate change more manageable. Do you have other ideas or are you looking for a sparring partner?


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Hugo Paans

managing director