The best cultivation floor for a healthy, uniform crop

Do you want a robust, uniform crop and, at the same time, make substantial savings on energy, water and fertilizer? The ErfGoedFloor is the sustainable cultivation floor that delivers the best value for money. It makes sure you have a crop you can be proud of.

Gerard Schouwenaar of Orchard Park Growers sees results

“We’re very happy with the floor’s flexibility. It’s true that you can grow many crops and use many various sizes on it. The crop quality that this floor yields is very good – we had a great first year growing with this system.”

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You can use all sorts of vehicles on the ErfGoedFloor

You want to be flexible when it comes to internal logistics. The ErfGoedFloor can be used by roll containers, via the special Trolley Track. You can even transport your products on the ErfGoedFloor using a fork-lift.

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The Erfgoed approach

Innovative and solution-driven

New products and technologies need to have practical applications. So ErfGoed involves growers in its innovations and research.

Quality and security

Opting for an ErfGoedFloor means being sure of getting a tried-and-tested product. ErfGoed tries out all newly-developed floors at its experimental center in Moerkapelle.

Flexible and decisive

Our experienced team of experts works world-wide, with the best resources, to install the cultivation floor that best suits your crop and your situation.

Reliable planning schedule

Working with a single party means no surprises, and a reliable timetable. ErfGoed manages its projects itself. So you have a single point of contact.
Don’t delay: consult an ErfGoed advisor today.