ErfGoedFloor: the basis for a healthy and uniform crop

The absolute top in cultivation floors. That is what ErfGoed stands for. The best cultivation system for your crop. Whether it concerns floriculture or vegetable cultivation, breeding, propagation or production, ErfGoed floors have more than proven their value. For optimal effect, ErfGoed also supplies the water system. And of course we know everything about the internal transport and maintenance of our cultivation floors.

Welcome to the world of ErfGoed!

See the perfect drainage provided by the ErfGoedFloor

Diseases can easily spread through moisture. Thanks to the unique characteristics of the ErfGoedFloor, diseases don’t stand a chance.

Find out how the ErfGoedFloor works.

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  • Peter Hill

    Peter Hill

    Hill Brothers Ltd, England

    "We have no root problems at all on this floor, while we need do nothing to keep the water clean."

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  • Stan Vander Waal and Rob O’Hara

    Stan Vander Waal and Rob O’Hara

    Rainbow Greenhouse

    “This system is the best cultivation system currently on the market.”

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  • Aron Hoff

    Aron Hoff

    Meyers Farms, Niagara on the Lake, Ontario

    "Our crops are thriving, robust and uniform. And there is hardly any plant loss."

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  • Dave Van Belle

    Dave Van Belle

    Van Belle Nursery, Abbotsford

    "In summer, the crop stays cooler. And we also see much more uniformity."

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  • Gerard Schouwenaar

    Gerard Schouwenaar

    Orchard Park, St. Catharines, Ontario

    "The crop quality that this floor yields is very good – we had a great first year growing with this system."

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  • Henri Buitenhuis

    Henri Buitenhuis

    Buitenhuis Tree Growers, Holland

    "A lava floor is a living floor, in contrast to concrete. Lava offers both moisture buffering and heat buffering."

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Growing tomato plants on a cultivation floor!

Growing tomato plants on a cultivation floor!

BLOG: Quality sells itself

BLOG: Quality sells itself

Jack Ford Sales Manager USA

Jack Ford Sales Manager USA