ErfGoedFloor: the basis for a healthy and uniform crop

Would you like a strong and uniform crop while also making big savings on energy, water and fertilizer? The ErfGoedFloor is the sustainable cultivation floor with the highest yield.

See the perfect drainage provided by the ErfGoedFloor

Diseases can easily spread through moisture. Thanks to the unique characteristics of the ErfGoedFloor, diseases don’t stand a chance.

Learn in just 2 minutes how the ideal drainage offered by the ErfGoedFloor works.

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  • Henri Buitenhuis, Boomkwekerij Buitenhuis

    Henri Buitenhuis

    Buitenhuis Tree Growers, Holland

    "A lava floor is a living floor, in contrast to concrete. Lava offers both moisture buffering and heat buffering."

  • Marco Rijstenbil van Rijk Zwaan

    Marco Rijstenbil

    Rijk Zwaan, Holland

    "It’s a pleasant company to work with. Communication is good and they work neatly and according to the agreed plans."

  • Dirk Decru van Kwekerij Decru-Leroy

    Dirk Decru

    Decru-Leroy Growers, Belgium

    "This makes it much easier to have them ready for the market. Everything goes much faster. What’s more, this system allows better control of the relative humi [...]


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    No crop loss for French growers raising plants outdoors thanks to ErfGoedFloor

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Fusarium spreads 10 times faster on concrete

Research has shown that fusarium develops very slowly on the ErfGoedFloor. The failure rate on concrete and an irrigation mat after three weeks was almost 100%. With the ErfGoedFloor it was just 20%. This shows that the ErfGoedFloor doesn’t just have a positive impact on the prevention but also on the spread of infectious fungal diseases.

+ See the research results.