ErfGoedFloor: the basis for a healthy and uniform crop

Would you like a strong and uniform crop while also making big savings on energy, water and fertilizer? The ErfGoedFloor is the sustainable cultivation floor with the highest yield.

See the perfect drainage provided by the ErfGoedFloor

Diseases can easily spread through moisture. Thanks to the unique characteristics of the ErfGoedFloor, diseases don’t stand a chance.

Learn in just 2 minutes how the ideal drainage offered by the ErfGoedFloor works.

- Read what growers have to say about their ErfGoedFloor -

  • vander-waal

    Stan Vander Waal and Rob O’Hara

    Rainbow Greenhouse

    “This system is the best cultivation system currently on the market.”

  • schouwenaar6

    Gerard Schouwenaar

    Orchard Park, St. Catharines, Ontario

    "The crop quality that this floor yields is very good – we had a great first year growing with this system."

  • Henri Buitenhuis, Boomkwekerij Buitenhuis

    Henri Buitenhuis

    Buitenhuis Tree Growers, Holland

    "A lava floor is a living floor, in contrast to concrete. Lava offers both moisture buffering and heat buffering."


- News -

  • iftf

    Visit ErfGoed on IFTF in Vijfhuizen!

  • canada

    ErfGoed opens subsidiaries in Canada

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    More crop on the ErfGoedFloor


The strong cultivation floor for internal transport

A cultivation floor must not just ensure optimal growing; you’ll also want flexibility when it comes to internal transport. You can even drive a forklift across the ErfGoedFloor.

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